How It Works

  1. SIGN UP – Enter your information in the form and submit.
  2. TEST – We will send you an English Placement Test to determine your English language skill level.
  3. SCHEDULE – Once your test results have been reviewed, we will contact you with the results and schedule your classes.
  4. LEARN – During your lessons, you will improve your English language skills.

Start Learning English Today
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What You Need

Our online English language courses are taught by native English speakers trained to help you improve your English skills. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a webcam and a microphone; access to Skype; and a reliable internet connection. All study materials are provided!

What to Expect

Watch how easy it is to learn English.

Group classes are 50 minutes long and typically have 5 students. One-on-one classes are at least 30 minutes and can be longer depending on your needs. You will be speaking, listening, reading, and writing with your teacher and classmates live online. Classes are organized according to age and skill level. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Sign up today to take a free English Placement Test.

Once your English Placement Test is complete, we will use the results to help us build your Individual Learning Plan. Your Individual Learning Plan is a custom learning schedule that is adapted to your specific language weaknesses and strengths.

During our live classes, we use a variety of ESL Lesson Plans from our extensive library covering speaking, reading, listening, grammar, business English, idioms, IELTS and much more!

When you learn with Passport English, your ESL progress doesn’t stop after each lesson! Between lessons, you login to our ESL Student Management System to complete Homework Assignments, review Lesson Summaries, and track Progress.